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About Us

About Us

CEO Founder


Craig Butterfield the founder has primarily a Real Estate background, having done renovations, ground up developments and design. As the Real Estate market has constant fluctuations and with his interest in design, what had been a project some years ago where he had reached out to 3D persons to create reality from fantasy, it was simply a matter of time before his enchantment with seeing visions realized brought him full circle into establishing the firm it is today. Our group offers a variety of options for project presentations. These can be for conceptual presentations of architecture, as well as conceptual presentation of interiors, or more canonical options such as tools or products design. We perform work for Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Real Estate Developers and so on. Namely anyone in need of seeing their visualization brought to reality, 3D still renders, walk throughs as well as detailed animated projects can all be created with the amazing technology of today.